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Full day Sessions (6 hours)

Full day sessions are broken into 3 sections.


6 hour sessions are particularly useful for couples who are travelling to see Tracy or are time poor. If you have children, you may find it easier to have a baby sitter for the day rather than hourly for 6 weeks.


These sessions are also offered on a Saturday. Often couples will then have dinner together or stay overnight in Newcastle


Many couples say this is the best way to do couples counselling as 6 hours of focused intentional time in one hit helps them achieve change quicker. These sessions are quite structured we focus on Feed back from The Online Questionnaire and your goals. You are provided with new skills and strategies and practice these in sessions.


The day is set to supporting you to help overcome relationship challenges and build on your strengths as a couple. We also focus on what the research shows makes for positive change in relationships and set intentional goals together.


First 2 hours looks at your couple history – where you have come from to get to now. We also begin to look at - Online questionnaire feedback (hyperlink)


Morning Tea


Second 2 hours Continued feedback based on your questionnaire

Focus on the ay you do conflict and what the research shows is can make or break a relationship.

New skills provided in relation to these.


Lunch Break

Last 2 hours


Moving forward – leave with new understandings on what make s a difference in relationships. We also look at what you are willing to do differently, what you are both willing to commit to in the next month. What we know can make a

At these sessions there is also the option to book a follow up within a month, as an accountability and support option.